“Come out” – admit that I want crossdresser dating

Crossdresser dating

About two years ago, I met someone (just call him Don for now) at a party serve for crossdresser dating. At that time, I was 18, single, and I could be said a half crossdresser, because I’m very interested in cross-dressing But I’m not very good at dressing myself. Don, a beautiful sissy, his makeup attracted me deeply. Maybe it just her daily apparel — makeup, jeans, shirt, heels, and a bag draped over her shoulder.  He carried the colored cocktail, slowly shook it, and gracefully drank a small. I said to myself, this girl I seem to have met somewhere. I couldn’t help but walk up to him and say hello to her, “hi”.

She turned her head to me and smiled gently. Perhaps my timid eyes and neutral dress disappointed her, even disdainful; I lowered my head slowly and was ready to leave. She suddenly grabbed my hand and said, “sit here,” and she pulled me to her right and sat down. So crazing, I just don’t know what happened, but I’m sure that my left site cute Don.

We began talking. I asked if she dressed everyday like this, and she said yes. She continues said, “I will not even go outside to take delivery without makeup.” For makeup, I can’t accept it completely, because the strange sight of passersby is so bad. About the topic, Don said, “our makeup is not ready for any the others, but to ourselves satisfied.” The simple solution to this problem that treat people who stare at me, those who guess how I clearly is not really a girl or a woman, or how I dress, there are two solutions. One is to ignore them, to see them as air, and there is no need to see them, not to mention their facial expressions and language; the second way is to just stare at them, and they will look away, sometimes with shame.

“See I am a crossdresser and bi,” Don told me, “and wish gives you my courage.”  She went on to explain that she was married with a girl who meet her on crossdresser dating site, and was never scared to death about how they would feel regarding this.  She said she used to be miserable, full of fear, just like I am now. He was afraid to admit that he would lose them, his family and his present friend, which was impossible for anyone to face. That’s what every crossdresser goes through, she explains. There is no doubt that this is a terrible thing for anyone with feelings, from fear to self-confidence. All the way, Don is very relaxed. What she says makes me feel powerful. I have the courage to face the fear.

We kept talking and sharing for awhile.  She introduced me to a group of her friends who were all crossdresser and had come out of the closet. I was very happy to communicate with them, and I knew a lot of makeup techniques and dress skills that I didn’t know before. A firm idea came to my mind, coming out and starting my crossdresser journey.

Through this crossdresser meeting, I succeeded in getting rid of the psychological shadow. To find my best CD dating, I admit that I’m an xdresser and started practicing my makeup techniques


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